With over 10 years experience

We Know Solar

We are well informed with over 10 years of industry experience, providing our customers with the highest quality products, backed by a 25 year warranty. 


It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. 

How Much

Does It Cost?

Over the years, the cost of solar has gone down, and it's never been more affordable than now! NO money down, NO up front costs, and you pay LESS every month than you’re paying now!

You may have heard that going solar costs too much money, but the truth is that solar energy will cost you less. While there are options to purchase your system cash up front, most people choose to finance their system, resulting in a fixed, monthly payment that costs less than what you’re paying the electric company.

 Other Financial Benefits

You're already paying for power, and by going solar you're not only saving on the monthly cost of power, you're investing in your future. Very few investments pay for themselves over time as quickly as solar panels. By adding a solar installation to your home you will increase your property value significantly and because over time, the system will pay for itself, lower energy bills are just as appealing to a homebuyer as a homeowner.


With the current cost of solar combined with the 26% federal tax credit, solar power is more affordable today than it has ever been.

How Are We Different?

Product and Equipment

Our selection of product and equipment is based on what is best for you, the customer. We only use the highest efficiency equipment from name brands you can trust.  Backed by a 25 year warranty on product and installation with guaranteed production, we can assure that our equipment is among the best available. 

Live Monitoring

With one of the most advanced monitoring systems available, our customers are able to            track solar production and                power consumption                  in real time.  It even breaks down which appliances or devices use the most energy and how much they're actually costing you. Through advanced machine learning,  your energy monitoring system allows you to set goals and identify sources of energy waste.  You can even keep tabs on your home from anywhere by setting device level notifications, such as when a garage door opens or if you left the iron on.  

Ongoing Support

We provide our customers with ongoing support after the solar system is installed. We monitor our solar systems remotely to ensure they are performing as promised. It is our priority to keep our systems running at a high level, to create a truly worry-free experience.

How It Works


In addition to looking at your current and future solar needs, it is important that we educate you on your future investment. Here we can answer any questions and address your concerns. We want you to be comfortable with your decision to go solar.


After reviewing equipment and financing options, we design a system based on your specific needs, showing you both short and long term energy savings.  Once complete and agreed upon, the design goes through a permitting process before installation can begin.


Our dedicated install team puts the customer first. Once installed and activated, we show you how our monitoring system puts you in control of how much energy you are using and making.

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Homes powered by the sun are becoming more and more common. Solar powered homes operate at a much lower energy expense than homes powered by traditional means. Having solar does not mean more money, having solar means you are saving money and adding value to your home. 

The New Normal.

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5918 Mesa Ave, 

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Office: 818.835.0347

Email: Sales@GotMyACE.com

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